The power of storytelling comes alive in this collaborative book, Energize Your Leadership. These diverse leadership pros wisely decided to write a book that reached instead of preached. They dug deep into years of personal experiences to offer every leader and future leader the ONE thing they each need: A reflective way to stay energized. Without lecturing or proclaiming there is one best practice, they break through the apathy that all leaders can intermittently feel, with stories that inspire.”

– Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

Energize Your Leadership is packed with insight and is one of the most exciting and innovative books on how to grow your personal leadership. A “must read” for any professional seeking proven techniques to achieve breakthroughs in their performance.”

– Steve Gutzler, President, Leadership Quest

Energize Your Leadership is a truly inspirational, deeply compassionate, and perfectly practical book! Written by a group of experienced coaches and thought leaders, it teaches you how to lead with grounded authenticity and enlightened energy. It will inspire you to stand your ground, while respecting and serving others, to be creative and seek novel, practical solutions, and to use your unique gifts and talents to overcome challenges and move forward with positive purpose. A Must Read!”

– Melanie Greenberg, PhD, Clinical Psychologist and Author

The lessons shared in Energize Your Leadership not only inspire us to recognize our full potential, but it paves the way for us to become the kind of leader our employees need us to be. By sharing their own unique stories and experiences, the contributors to Energize Your Leadership help us understand how energizing ourselves, those around us, our workplaces, and our collective future can ensure we’re able to bring out the best in those around us by bringing out the best of ourselves to our leadership role.”

– Tanveer Naseer, MSc.

Energize Your Leadership is more than a book, it is a 21st Century Credo for today’s and tomorrow’s leaders to lead and serve others, in an increasingly uncertain and ambiguous world. The diverse group of authors refreshingly open up their hearts and selflessly share personal stories, lessons learned and recommended actions which will greatly enhance one’s leadership abilities. A must read for aspiring, new and experienced leaders seeking to, as we say in the U.S. Marine Corps, “fire-up” their leadership abilities.”

– Raphael Hernandez, Lieutenant Colonel, United States Marine Corps

Energize Your Leadership is a must-read for any leader, from frontline manager to startup founder to enterprise CEO. Written by those who’ve actually been there, done that, and grown from their experiences, Energize Your Leadership is as timely as it is timeless. Have you lost touch with your leadership edge? We all do from time to time. Get yourself a copy of this vital book, and get your mojo back!”

– Ted Coiné, Co-Author, A World Gone Social

At some point, almost every manager will lose their initial enthusiasm, start to feel overwhelmed and become disengaged. Before that happens, get a copy of Energize Your Leadership and learn how to join the ranks of those who avoid this trap. If you’ve already hit the wall, read this book immediately. Help is on the way!”

– Jesse Lyn Stoner, Co-Author of Full Steam Ahead! Unleash the Power of Vision

Successful leaders ignite, fuel, and manage energy. Finally, a book written to help leaders succeed in this essential, high impact area.”

– Dan Rockwell, Author of Leadership Freak