Our Story

Energize Your Leadership!


Five Years ago, all of the authors of Energize Your Leadership were strangers.

We met through Social Media: Twitter, G+ and Facebook.

We’ve formed friendships that reach around the globe and used Social Age technologies to collaborate.

Most of the authors have never met in person.

Why Did We Write Energize Your Leadership?

We came together through our passion for leadership and rallied around the difference that strong leadership makes not only to organizational culture, but also to individuals.

We spend far too many hours at work to have it suck the life out of us. As leaders, we need to consistently re-ignite and re-charge our passion. We wanted to share our stories of hard earned lessons to help you accelerate your success and energize your leadership too.

How Did We Do It?

Through online meet-ups, five content coaches created an outline for our vision of the book, while passionately discussing the most motivational ways to energize leaders. We began to notice a pattern: When a leader faced an energy crisis, it would oftentimes lead them to self-discovery and eventually to renewed accomplishment. From those conversations emerged a deeper understanding of the three steps leaders took to achieve growth and renewed energy: Discover, Ignite, Break Through. As the sections and chapters of the book came together, so did the friendships and personal stories for the coaches. We grew to understand what made each of us energized leaders and formed deep bonds to support our individual leadership journeys.

Eleven leadership experts from across the globe with diverse professional backgrounds and perspectives were then carefully selected based on their deep understanding of challenges leaders face. Each was asked to write a personal chapter telling the story of a struggle—as well as a powerful insight—that led them to energizing their leadership. The stories are all different, each revealing a moment of thought-provoking discovery. Each of the 16 we shared highlight a different aspect of energized leadership. In collaborating with one another, all sixteen authors developed extraordinary connections and friendships, creating a vibrant community of energized leadership. We hope you’ll join us and add your story to the mix.